Grace Management & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd (GMC) was established in July 2009 with a vision of facilitating individuals in becoming professionally competent in commercial and domestic housekeeping skills.

GMC manages a training centre specialised in conducting in-house domestic household training for newly arrived domestic workers to equip them with the skills and knowledge in working in a domestic household set-up. Furthermore, GMC also help to prepare them for their employment in Singapore with a series of practical training to enable them to understand Singapore better.

In addition to managing accommodation facilities and training foreign domestic workers, GMC also provides adult learning program which includes:

  • Caregiver training courses

  • Competency-based training for domestic household services

  • Business excellence courses

  • Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI)

  • Workplace Safety & Health safety courses

In order to ensure that the participants are equipped with the latest relevant knowledge and skills required in performing their jobs well, we have assembled a team of highly trained professionals, each with their own specialized skills and knowledge.